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Anybody Out There?

Posted on 2009.Apr.18 at 4.39.P
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WOW It's been a while! How have you guys been?

Okay so I realize it's been about 2 years since I've written in this journal...I honestly don't know how it's still active!

Oh yea...I log in every once in a while to downlod albums from ljmixtapebut thats besides the point. My point in making this post is that


I've been blooging on a new address for the past two months all about the Disney College Program which I'm so happy to say I'm going back for the summer! That's right, I will be working in Orlando this summer from May 18th - August 14th as a part of the Disney College Summer Alumni College Program!

As most of you know, I'm a castmember of WDW, and I stopped blogging here shortly after returning from my Spring '07 Program...so my actual blog website will be profiling my journey leading up to, during and after my program. You all should check it out!

So yeah...whoever still reads this go on over there for some blogging exellence!

I also have bee Vlogging (Video-blogging) on Youtube as well...here's a sample of my Youtube Vlogs:

So you now have TWO ways to keep up with me and my blogging extravaganzas! I also have a twitter account too so if any of you want to keep up with me you can do that here: www.twitter.com/willalphasig

That being said...I probably won't post here too much anymore..and by too much...I probably mean ever. I'm not sure how many people are still on LiveJournal or whoever still read sthis blog...butthis is for my friends who I used to keep in contact with daily who are still here to follow me over on my new website. So I hope to hear from you guys soon and hope your weekend is magical!


- Will

here for you
Posted on 2008.Sep.10 at 11.06.A
I never got to see RENT at the Nederlander.


here for you

Final Curtain Call...preparing for exit: stage left.

Posted on 2006.Dec.27 at 7.21.P
"Yes, but tell me how you feeeeel": calmcalm
As I sit here on my aunts bed in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama, thinking about what will be going on in the next few months, I've decided that change is in order. One of the bigger methods of change will be movign to Florida to further my education through Disney. Yes i said Disney. Dreams can happen :) Unfortunately one of the changes includes shutting down from Livejournal permanantly

I've been with this site for over 2 years, but the passion isn't there anymore. I hardly update and the only times I'm on is to see whats going on with my friends. Don't get me wrong Ill still stop by to see how most of you are doing but there will be no more postings after this, and eventually you'll all forget about me. Much love to you all, if you ever want to keep in contact with me, well you should already have my contact information ;)

Some personal goodbyes to those I probably won't "see" in my lifetime:

Jaime: I hope everything goes well for you and your boyfriend. I see great thingsi n the future for you two and God does do wonderful things. I'll be checking in every now and then and school sucks. :)
Marissa: You rock like none other. Life will get better for you because I am constantly praying for you. I have no doubt that soon you will have more than you'll ever need. Much love.
Luke: I'm proud of all that you've accomplished and where' you're heading right now. O the places you'll go. I can't beleive you're in Korea right now, thats awsome. You've been like a brother to me and I thank you for that, I beleive that you'll go far, and that God has great things in store for you. Do well, succeed, and make it. I know you will. Much love.
Brandon: I couldn't get away from you if i tried. haha Glad you're fist semser in college went well, keep calling me because I will need distractions every now and then cause Mickey will start getting on my nerves. That mouse dosn't give a damn about Black people anyway ;).

"People don't change just because you learn more about them"

Peace and Love


here for you
Posted on 2006.Dec.07 at 11.31.A
I miss you guys.
thats all.

38 days til Florida.

here for you
Posted on 2006.Oct.26 at 3.22.P
So i don't really write in here anymore.
it's sad.
but thats college.

In other news...


haha 's not what you think. I'm going to be spending a semester in Orlando Interning at Disney World and taking classes as a part of one of my interships that I have to do. IT's gonna be amazing and I can't wait to go.
I miss you guys.
ok thats all.


*head-desk* - marco/spinner
Posted on 2006.Oct.04 at 1.28.A
Current Music: Beyoncé & Luther Vandross - The Closer I Get To You

here for you

I won't worry my life away...

Posted on 2006.Sep.26 at 10.43.A
Current Music: Dane Cook - Let's Do This
So i guess yo could describe yesterday as a luke-warm lat with cream kinda day....

Its started off perfect, my first class was canceled (just as soon as I was about to walk out the door, my friend called me and told me we didn't have class) So i made some tea nd relaxed for another hour and headed to my next-first class of the day where i got freakin 100% on my Philosophy exam! Thats the first time in college i ever got a perfect score on an exam it made me SO happy! haha Computer Science and Astronomy were alright, got home and watched TV and relaxed did a lil bit of homework, then me, J. Angel and Kellie went out to Campus Corners to eat, met Tim had him sit down with us and told us a hilarious story haha.

Then we went to the library and i didn't get shit done haha me and Kellie were foolin writin shit on a newspaper, we were actin like we were 6 years old i'm surprised they didn't kick us out for being loud haha. After that went to the fraternity house for Life group. It was pretty cool, It was my first time going but it was at our house this time and 3 of my brothers were there so i supported them I might go back next week but i don't know.

After Life Group I went w/ Jeff and Howie to the fieldhouse to watch the A-Sig team play ultimate Frisbee....here's where it starts to get bad....I took out my camera to take some pictures, and a freakin BLACK SPOT was in the corner....the LCD screen broke i'm so pissed. I just got hte camera not a month ago and now the screen is messed up and I don't even know if the arranty covers it. Plus we lost and all bad bad bad. So hence hte luke warm late with cream.....

Today i gotta write s atroy or the BGNews which i don't even know if it can be done.....and work. which i don't wanna do. But now, breakfast, and everything good.



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I'm not dead.

Posted on 2006.Sep.20 at 3.02.P
Current Music: Tamyra Gray - Raindrops Will Fall
So it's apparant that I don't update as much as I used to since i havent updated in a month haha.
BUT. i'm still here just well you know sparingly. I still keep up with you guys and comment when I can justschool has officially taken over my LIFE! haha So many things have happend that I ahve to tell you guys about jsut when I get a breather.
I love my sophomore year. I'm meeting new people, being more active and just enjoying myself. Trying not to get too overloaded but yea. My paid account is gone....a nd i don't hav the $ $to pay for a new one so since I don't upsate as muc amynore i let it go. who needs icons anywa? haha
I miss oyu guys and i'll update when I'm not dying ot stress haha but now...

since everyone's doin it:

Stolen from everyone on the planet...Collapse )

bye for now ;)

Posted on 2006.Aug.15 at 2.24.P
Current Music: Danity Kane - One Shot

=) =) =) =)

also I got the new Danity KAne album before it came out in stores!!!
=) =) =) =) =) =)

i got back to school TOMORROW!!!!
=) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

....life is good ;)


here for you
Posted on 2006.Aug.13 at 10.46.P
Current Music: Jason Mraz - Life Is Wonderful
since Luke reminded me I've been home a week and still havent put up any pictures of my trip....viola. These are just some of hte pics I took on the trip:

no matter how old I get I will always love the sight of Cinderellas Castle...brings out the kid in me ;)

Alabama/Disney World picsCollapse )

and since I promised some Prom pics...these are ppics my dad took beofre we left. The actual prom pics and afterparty pics have yet to be developed haha

don't I look sharp?

PROM 2006Collapse )

thats all folks.


**EDIT**: btw here's my MySpace page:   http://www.myspace.com/freshprinzeofbg 

Posted on 2006.Aug.12 at 1.24.P
"Yes, but tell me how you feeeeel": thoughtfulthoughtful
Current Music: Black Eyed Peas - Gone Going (Feat. Jack Johnson)
I'm still here. =)

Disney World was awsome. I'll have a link to a photo album bretty soon but I'm too lazy to do that now. I should be packing but I'm too lazy to do that either. I miss alot of people, people I used to talk to. I guess right now I'm in that in-between stage. I'm not completely happy with my life right now, but I'm not depressed. Some people have told me i'm bi-polar, don't know that for sure I just get in these moods sometimes bu whatever...

I DO know that i'm excited to go back to school in less than 4 days. Well lets count...Sunday....1, Monday...2, Tuesday....3, and I move back Wednesday. 3 days. Wow. I'm excited but I do'nt wanna leave home. There's still some people I havent seen all summer in WB that I need to see before I go back in order for me to get my fill. Note to self...do that. =)

Ummm I don't really feel like explaining about Disney, it was fun I havent been since i was like 10 or 11 years old so some stuff I remembered some stuff I didn't. It's a Small World Afterall is and always will be my favorite ride no matter hor corny people may think it is because simply IT's my mom's favorite ride because it was my Grandad's favorite ride. She told me the first time they went (the only time for my grandfather), they went on that ride together and his face lit up like a child on Christmas day. I can imagine it a little bit I never got a good chance to get to know my gradfather because he died the year my brother was born which would make me 3. But I can still imagine it so when I take my chldren on that ride i'll tell them the story and hopefuly they can carry on the tradition.

I went on the Tower of Terror for the first time EVER haha It was so cool. My brother (if any of you know him he's like 6"4 and a big 'ol kid) was shitting his pants. I'm serious, he did not want to go on that ride he was begging me not to go haha there were little kids looking at him in disbeleif haha but the ride was sweet, so were some other ones. I saw some great shows like Fantasmic and the Epcot fireworks show, we went to an Italian retuarant in the Worlds of Showcase section of Epcot and I met the waitress who was from Romea nd we took a picture together. Hot and nice...just how I like 'em. I'm jsut glad I got the cnace to go again because the next I'll probably go is either with my Girlfirend or with my children.

I've been hanging out at home for the most part just getting ready to go back to school, I gotta figure out how I want my room this time because it's bigger than last time we havea futon now not just a peice of wood and a matress haha.

I went to the Comedy Castle last night with Rachel, Alex, Kelly T, Maren ad Rachel's boyfriend Ken. IT was fun, I've never eally been toa comedy club live before, so it was a new experience. Almost all of the comics were funny the MC was hilarious and hte last guy who I can't rememberehis anme right now was on Premium Blend, LAst Comic Standing and was originally from Detorit so was all around funny. After that we went back to Rachel's house for a minute then hit up one of her friends parties for a lil bit. WAs kinda lame, but I got to see Valerie for the first time in like a year so it was good we got Taco Bell and headed back home I had a great time for once in a while with my friends so I'm glad I went.

Went to my brother's scrimmage today at the high school. I was never really into football, more of a basketball fan myself but I just went to support him. All these high school kids haha I felt out of place I dunno why but I digress.

If you're still reading by this point kudos.


So these are my thoughts as I prepare to go back to school:

-I feel guilty because I kind of switiched over to MySpace after I promised myself I wouldn't do it but alot of my friends are over there espeically form college so I've been neglecting LJ...(not like anyone reads this anymore so frankly I do'nt know why I'm typing haha) but it's cool I'll try to balance both for a lil bit and we'll see who wins out.

- I wouldn't call myself jealous, but every time I see someone in a new relationship or someone tlkas to me about ther relationships I feel happy for them don't get me wrong but I'm sick of it really. The relationship thing...I'm tired of trying to get a relationship and maintain one when I had one under my nose for a little while and didn't reven realize it until the girl started dating the guy down the hall. I'm almost 20 years old and the last steady girlfriend I had was in 7th grade. Sad? Yes. And frankly I'm tired of it. I mean I've had hookups and meaningless relationships here and there but everytime I try to search for one it never works out. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired thats why I'm not going to focus on trying to get a relationship this ear. whatever happens happens. I know I say that now and it's gonan be hard to accept it but I'm goign to school to learn not to be in love. Sometimes I even question that like true love. Havent seen it yet...doubt I ever will....

- I say this alot but RP has died for me, like my community....twice..., the thrill of RP'ing has been lost tome somehow I don't know why but I just don't feel like it anymore. (Wow...I don't feel like doing alot now a days...hmmm....). I try to get back in the game i'm in one RP now but barely haha, I jsut do'nt have the thrill like I used to.

- I miss singing, I miss jamming with people being on stage and showing my talent to people. Now when people ask me to sing for them I someones do I sometimes don't just because that not what I do anymore. I'm a journalism major, I write things haha I'm not in any choir as of the moment because I'm a fraternity, I have a job, and trying to get an internship and choose my minor this year maybe I'll join gospel choir or something like that but it's not a defenite with 15 credits on me already...but I just miss singing all together. Or maybe i miss Laker Express...i don't knwo which one it is.

- .....woah... ADD thought I swaer I was gonna say something but I forgot.

- Happy Belated Malea, hope you got my big hug from Marissa. and if not *BIG HUGE GIANT HUG*

- I miss some of my old RP friends who I do'nt talk to anymore through no fault but my own. KP, Nire, Brandon, Luke, Malea.....MArissa you do'nt count because you're always Iming me "yo" haha.

- I'm excited to go back to school but I'm also scared because after this year I have 2 years left then I'm out in the real world trying to get a job and succeed...scary. I don't wanna go.

- All my firends seem to be happy....why can't I be happy?



I'm a complicated person I guess. If you're still reading this, kudos again you have no life. Neither do I.

be easy.

Pit Stop.

Posted on 2006.Aug.05 at 10.57.P
Current Music: Alicia Keys - Goodbye
So i'm defenitly at the Hampton Inn in Knoxville Tenn. for the night...returning to Michigan tomorrow.

Disneyworld was awsome even though I was only there for 3 days it was enough. Pictures and summ post comming when i get home and rested and in my own bed which I miss so much!!

I go back to school in 10 days. It's weird...exciting...sad...i'm ready. I can't wait! But i don't want to go...you knwo that feeling? I mean i didn't see all the people I wantedt othis summer because I was working most of the time but i really miss my school friends adn jsut can't wit to go back and see my brothers, friends hit the bars, clubs parties, calss room,s dorms everything college life. *sigh*

Luke I hope everything's cool in Italy, I saw some posts (one drunken one....HAHA YES!!) and since you tagged me:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your
closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is
6. Tag three people.

"He's rumored to have a half a million bucks in cash and she's after it, got the ole boy wearking golf shirts and eating at the country club. He told his buddies he takes Viagra everey day."
"Atta boy."

The Summons by John Grisham (#1 New York Times Bestseller)

Someone gave me the book for free, seemed interesting so i just started reading it.

see oyu guys in a couple of days ;)

be easy

Travel Blog =)

Posted on 2006.Aug.01 at 9.40.P
"Yes, but tell me how you feeeeel": draineddrained
Current Music: crazy hotel people talking...
So....we finally made it to Buena Vista haha.

I'm sitting in the hotel lobby of the Double Tree getting some rest before we have to get up and venture to Disneyworld tomorrow.

There are alot of weird people around me but i can't look up from my laptop because they'll get suspicious. They do'nt speak english. I am sort of uncomfertable...nonetheless...

Yea...Disneyworld tomorrow i'm psyched. I havent been there in like 10 years so it should be fun. We left Michigan on Friday the 28th and made it down to Birmingham Alabama to visit mom's side of the family for a few days. We relaxed, I got a chance to see my cousin who graduated high school this year and is headed on to school at Missouri State. We went to church with my uncle, went to the mall, I got me a bluetooth wireless earpeice (finally) cause i was getting tired of my phone...I saw "ATL" yesterday with my other cousin. Didn't think it was going to be that good but i loved it. If you get the cance to see it, see it and let me know wwhat you think.

I've been taking plenty of picture so no worries will havea full picture update when I get back. We left this morning for Buena Vista, Florida and we jsut made it here about an hour ago trying to find a good hotel haha. Tomorrow awe're gonna wake up and i don't know which park we're going to first but i do know that we have to check into our hotel at the Boardwalk which is where we staed last time so at least i know what i'm getting myself into. haha.

Ok so these people are really starting to weird me out. They're suurounding me almost as if they want my laptop and want to throw me in the pool to drown haha no just kidding maybe i'm jsut parinoid which isn't un-usual for me anyway.

I miss you all and I'll update maybe once or twice more before i'm back on Sunday, then i have 9 days left until I got back to BG. This summer's gone by way to fast but at least i have some good memoriers.

be easy.


roxas - blue
Posted on 2006.Jul.27 at 10.15.P
"Yes, but tell me how you feeeeel": chipperchipper
Current Music: John Mayer - Your Body is a Wonderland
So i'm gone for a week and a half. Well more like a week and two days.
Goin to Birmingham, AL to visit the folks for a quick minute, then off to DisneyWorld to see MICKEY son!!! haha
There will be pictures so expect a picture post soon,I'll try to get online if i can in the hotel or at my aunts house..
... but for now this is Will signing off.


here for you

We're just ordinary people

Posted on 2006.Jul.27 at 1.27.A
Current Music: Remy Zero - Save Me (Album Version)
THANK GOD I don't work at English Garden's anymore!!!!
haha today was my last day...quite easy haha I said goodbye to everybody and went home. went to Bible Study with the folks and went to the Movies to see You, Me and Dupree with J.angel.

I was SUPOSED to see it yesterday with Adam, Kuhnalicious, Matt and Keith-man, but Because Adam's a dumbass, i didn't get to. Here's the story:

So Adam and Kuhn call me and was like "Hey do you wanna see a movie tonight?" SO Im like "Okay, I get off at 7."
I some home and chill for a lil bit, then Adam IM's me and tells me that w'ere not going to the movies we're just chillin at Khun's house which i'm cool with,the only thing was my mmom said be home by 11:15 which also I was cool with since we were only chillin. so at 9, We go over there and watch Dane Cook's Tourgasm, then Kuhn turns off the TV and was like "Okay lets go."

Go where? To the movies!!! So what Adam didn't tell me (or didnt know himself,) was that they were chillin first, then going to the movies. Well unfortunately i couldt go cause Adam's a dumbass and didn't tell me I had to be back in the house. But no biggie, i was irratated for a minute but I jsut let it go. Life's too short.

I'm en route to Disney world on Friday so i'l be gone for a week, then 8 more days until I go to school!! Ahhh!!! I can't wait!!
Haha I got my new Camera, so take a look at some of my pics. We're Just Ordinary People...

peace and love.


angel "mmm yummm"
Posted on 2006.Jul.24 at 9.50.P
Current Music: Jason Mraz - Please Don't Tell Her
I finally know how to play Dearly Beloved, the main theme from Kingdom Hearts...yes this is my life. :)
I get my camera tomorrow. tre excited.
I only have 2 more days of work. Count 'em two!! HAHA!!
Adam and I made a group on facebook about our experineces at English Gardens. So far we have 9 members haha i'm happy.

I'm bored. Jessican and I can't think of anything to do.
I might have soething good happen to me in a few days.
Going to 'Bama and Florida on Friday.
Won't be around for a week. =)

Can't wait to go back to school. less than 20 days. =)
I can't stop smiling.
I mailed my check out today. I'm set for Sophomore year.
Did i mention that I only have 2 dyas of work lef? haha tre excited.....

Life is Wonderful =)


Steve: "we actually do care about you all...unless you suck"

xander quote
Posted on 2006.Jul.21 at 12.27.A
"Yes, but tell me how you feeeeel": complacentcomplacent
Current Music: - You Can't Stop the Beat
Why am I still bothered by the fact that she's in a relationship with him???


Probably because of the fact that I let her go.

vm - annoy like the wind
Posted on 2006.Jul.20 at 5.10.P
Current Music: - You Can't Stop the Beat
I get my camera on Tuesday...but I want it now.
problem. big one haha.

hsr prancing


Posted on 2006.Jul.20 at 12.32.A
Current Music: Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My Name
So I have 5 Days left at English Gardens!!
HELL-to the-YES!! Haha i'm so happy i could..well you fill i nthe blank.
And tomorro'ws my day off! so i'm celebrating by buying a camera!! YES!!!

So in antiapation..here are some pictures. taken a looong time ago...haha at the initiation afterparty.

So I was supposed to go to VA fro some brotherhood time, but I wasn't able to to make it because 1) I'm broke, trying to save up for money to pay dues PLUS room and board for the year, 2) I don't have acar and stuff for camping, and 3) I'm working that day and the day afterwords (it's my last week of work so i'm tryin t oget as many hours as possible). I wanted to go, but couldn't I'll go next summer. I wanted to go to Bg this summer too...but alas no car, sigh i just can' t wait until school starts again.

oh and I think i'm going to the zoo on Satudrday with the hott one. haha That should be fun and I finailly watched National Treasure...great movie!
ok thats all i got.

be easy.

i'm hot
Posted on 2006.Jul.17 at 5.55.P
Current Music: MTV
Okay so i've decided that I'm gonna try and stop looking like a kid.
I'm not the preppy-type, I don't do ripped jeans, and pink pop-collered t-shirts.
So i'm going shopping haha.

ANYWAY....only one more week at EG, JOY!
thats all I got haha

Happy birthday Maren!

"Dead men tell no tales....because they're dead."

Posted on 2006.Jul.14 at 2.17.P
Current Music: Tv Techno Themes - Pink Panther Techno Remix
Adam and I headed out to Twelve Oaks yesterday, chilled got my check and cashed it, went and shopped around. Haha I boutght a new shirt at Aeropostale that reads "Thats right baby...read my t-shirt!" Haha i saw it and laughed, it was only $5.

Got some chinese food (mmmm oarnge chicken) and we went to see Pirates...it wasn't bad like some people said, I liked it, but it was alot of plot twists and turns and my brain hurt after walking out of the movie theater. But i suggest going to see it if you're a POTC fan, they're working on the 3rd movie now (not a a spoiler, everyone knew), so it should be at least fun. Then drove home and chilled, played KHII....missing my BG folks so bad.Can't wait to go back to school.

Dropped off my two weeks notice, so tahst done and over with! haha Disney World in 2 weeks. so that should be fun. Today's my last day off (tear) so ima chill haha call me if yall have any plans or whatever.

peace and love.

"Thinking of you, whereever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end."

Posted on 2006.Jul.13 at 2.21.P
Current Music: Yoko Shimomura - Darkness Of The Unknown
Whats been goin on? Haha I'm laid off for a week so i'm just enjoyin my time at home and chillin out. God knows I need the rest. So what have I been doin?

Last friday I went to Canada with Rachel and a couple of her friends. Haha it was great, finally getting to order my own drinks and have a good time. But it wasn't all about drinking (even though I don't remember half of hte night haha). We went to Mongolian Barbecue for her brithday (the reason we were going to canada in the first place), met up with a few old friends, then went to her house to get everything to gether. After a few *minor* setbacks haha we were on our way to Windsor, stopped at the Duty Free shoppe for stuff haha, then checked into the hotel. After getting ready, taking a few shots we went to Peppers Bar & Grill, had some fun there, then went to some kareoke barsto laugh at the people singing. Then we got onstage and had people laugh at us haha. By then I was gone haha i remember a few bits and peices, like going to Voodo, dancing with one of hte girls there, having "fun" on the dance floor, something about going to Hungry Howies and stsealing breadsticks, then back to the hotel. Don't evn remember the trip back to the hotel, or the pictures took in the bed but haha safe to say that I got back home safely. Haha the car ride on the way home was fun, we talked chilled and had a great time I'm glad I went. If you wan a few pics go to my facebook profile, Rachel put up a few pics, and when I get my cheap ass camera developed haha i'll put up more.

I finally beat Kingdom Hearts II....yea I know, I'm a geek, but i'm a hot geek so thats all that matters haha. I just love that game, I don't know why. I started over in the difficult mode, i'm about `25% done. If i have any KH fans reading this, the ending and the secret trailer is awsome. I won't spoil it for you though, but i'm doubting any of you care haha.

The rest of the week hasn't been that exciting...I only workd a totalt of 10 hours this week cause they cut back hours...ALOT. Just chilled at home and enjoyed time with the fam. Bout to go see Pirates of the Carribean in a few with Adam then just chill for the rest of the week. Any plans let me know. :)

I've been thinking about my childhood a lot lately, like the people i hung with that i hardly talk to anymore. We usedto hang out all the time, go to the movies chill at each others houses and just havea good time, and I hardly speak t them anymore...I don't even know where this one guy who used to be my best friend, is doing right now. Is he in college? Is he persuing his dream of being a director? Is he even alive? I mean it's noot like high school where you talk to people for a year then suddenly don't talk to them anymore, we were close brothers almost and now I don't even know if he's in the same state...I don't think about it too much but it's just weird how people can be so close one minute then complete strangers the next you know?

Ok enough gibber jabbl.e (is that even a word??) I'll catch ya later.

peace and love.

me and ash
Posted on 2006.Jul.06 at 11.25.P
Current Music: Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway
Happy July ;)

Holiday was , worked till 3 then went to Grandpa's house to chill for a lil bit and barbecue then back here to chill wit hthe family. Worked Wednesday, Doctor's appointment today, had to do a stress test and everything....soo tiring. I hate doing those things...but according to the doctor i'm perfectly healthy. =) Yay for not having surgery this year. They said that i'm blessed to be in the shape i'm in for a cardiology patient at my age for the condition i have. So thats good.

So apparantly I'm only working 2 days next week, i mean i'm happy but i'm not, because my money is commin in stadily less these days and im almost at my goal for the summer, but i also wanna get a camera and another iPod to take back to school you know? *sigh* money sucks.

But none-the-less, goin to Canada tomorrow with a few people for Rachel's birthday. Should be a good time. I'll tell you about it later. Now i'm just chillin and Rpin.

later days.


p.s. i can't wait to go back to BG :-/

Posted on 2006.Jun.30 at 11.42.P
Current Music: Lindsay Lohan - Don't Move On
Don't you hate when you get those random nose bleeds?

*head-desk* - marco/spinner
Posted on 2006.Jun.30 at 3.33.P
Current Music: Maroon 5 ft. Kanye West - This Love Remix
This just in....I'm stupid.


i'm hot
Posted on 2006.Jun.28 at 10.28.P
My dad brought this home from work. I found it cool. Check it out:

Have a history teacher explain this...if they can.

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.
John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.

Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.
John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1960

Both were particularly concerned with civil rights rights.
Both wives lost their children while living in the White house.

Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.
Both Presidents were shot in the head.

You ready? Here we go.

Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy.
Kennedy's Secretart was named Lincoln.

Both were assassinated by Southerners.
Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson.

Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln was born in 1808.
Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.

John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was born in 1839.
Lee Harvey Oswald, who assasinated Kennedy w as borm in 1939

Both assassins were known by their three names.
Both names are composed of fifteen letters.

Now hang on to your seat.

Lincoln was shot at the theater named 'Ford.'
Kennedy was shot in a car called 'Lincoln' made by 'Ford.'

Lincoln was shot in a theater and his assassin ran and hid in a warehouse.
Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and ran and hid in a theater.

Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.

And here's the kicker...

A week before Lincoln was shot, he was in Monroe, Maryland.
A week before Kennedy was shot, he was with Marilyn Monroe.

*eerie face*



"WHAT???" post...

Posted on 2006.Jun.27 at 11.56.P
"Yes, but tell me how you feeeeel": shockedshocked
Current Music: Ne Yo - Sexy Love
So let me say once again that I hate English Gardens.

30 days.


So I found out two things today that surprised me. One in an "awsome!" way and one in a "what the fuck?!?!" way.

1) So I was doing my daily chores at EG, and who shows up none other than Mark and Trista. (ie: Mark was my theatre director at WB, like a big brother to me, Trista is his wife). We chatted for a bit then they told me that they were finally having a baby. A Boy no less. I was shocked and happy. I jsut stood there smiling haha Im so hapy for them. too bad a customer had to ruin it for me. I'll go visit them later on

Then I read Maren's LJ entry and it said that Mr. Schoenherr isn't working at the high school anymore. WTF? What? That's insane! What are they gonna do next year! I'm sand for Mollie and Shannon and all of them cause they're been used to Schoenherr for 3 years. And now they're gonna get someone new. Im going to get his e-mai ladn email him so I can at least keep in touch with him. I guess it was expected though. IT's been what? 11 years for him? He' got 3 kids, its time for him to move on but it's still kinda sad and it still kinda shocked me.

But i have to go to sleep and get up at 7:45 for Work...again. so i'll holla at yall later.

peace and love.


here for you

No...I'm not dead...

Posted on 2006.Jun.26 at 8.48.P
Current Music: Original Broadway Cast - Christmas Bells
thanks for caring! haha

i'm still here, my computer kinda got sick, so I had to download Norton Anti-Virus to get rid of a few bugs. It's not a complete success, my computer still has a lil cold, but it's better than in infection...

Speaking of an infection...well i'll get to that later.

Thursday on my day off I went shopping with the god sister. Took her out to Novi. See we lead different lives. She's from detroit, i'm from west bloomfield. see the problem? no? Well lets just say we're ying and yang. But it's alright because I love her and she loves me and we had a great time together. We went shopping, talkeda bout her future plans, this girl is gonna be a lawyer...god help her haha. We ate VERY good Chinese food, I bought a shirt and a new necklace from Areopostle, my favorite store haha, and she bought something from bath and body works. We hada great time and im glad i spent some time with her.

Friday I worked till closing. Eh. Don't wanna talk about it.
Saturday I worked till closing. Eh. Don't wanna talk about it.

Sunday, church, got to sleep in a lil bit, that was cool, then went and came back from church. It was good. I was filled for the week. I still ahve some work to do and some thigns to figure some things out in my life but i'm getting there. Got chicken from Popeyes on the way home (YES!!) Stopped by EG to pick up some flowers for the madre and a vase to go with it. Then got home and chilled.

Tried to fix my computer :-/

Went to work early today...I always love early shifts cause they go by so fast! Still had to deal with stupid customers...this is just some of the shit i get every day.

"I had plant, It died, what happened?"
"Don't TELL me you don't have it! (some product) I know you have it!"
"I know you're busy, but can you help me out really quick?"
"I don't think you're right, could you get someone else who knows what they're talking about?
"This product is damaged. Can I get a disount?"
"(PAGE)Will to the front for a customer caryout!"
"(PAGE)Will, we need a shopping cart roundup!"
"(PAGE)Will, to garden pharmacy!"
"(PAGE)Garden Center, call on line 1, 2, and 3."
"(PAGE)Will to Garden Center for Custome assistance!"
"(PAGE)Will to the registers for backup cashier!"
"Are you the plant doctor? You look pretty young!"
"Will, do you know what this is?"
"Will do you know where this is?"
"Do you think someone can help me to my car with this?"
"Here's a 5 for a tip, do you have change??"
"Can yo u lift this?"
"The service here is terrible. I'm complaining to a manager."
"You need to be more productive."
"You don't know what you're talking about."

ugh. see? shit.

But whatever, I'm out in 31 days (really less than). So i'm happy As long as I make the money i need to plus more so i can get a camera for next year.

So ranting is donw about English Gardens....ooh one more things about the infection...I cut myself on one of hte glass edges before leaving work today and scraped my self pretty bad. :-/ So thats the second time in a week that I hurt myself at EG. ha. i'm accident prone.

I wanted to say something about rentsecrets. I don't know why I decided to watch that community in the first place. At first, some of the secrets were kind of cool, but then people just started getting ignorant and empty headed. Drama ensues all the tiem and sometimes i get offended. Really check it out and you'll see what I mean. Thats what I get...

Luke and Brandon, if you get on anytime soon, IM me. i'll be on. 's about tribal.

Okay i'll be around. Watching TV and chillin. Maybe a lil KH action.

I can't wait to go back to school. =)



Nobody's Watching Pts 1, 2 and 3

Posted on 2006.Jun.22 at 12.10.A
Haha this is funny.
Wonder if it was real or not...

Nobody's Watching Pt. 1
Nobody's Watching Pt. 2
Nobody's Watching Pt. 3

check it out


me and ash

I love the rain =)

Posted on 2006.Jun.21 at 11.05.P
So i got breakfast in bed this morning. Awsome!
And moms opened the curtain for me to see a lovely....rainy day.
I love the rain though. 's soothing in a way. almost poetic.

Went to work, not that bad of a day, even though we had a sale, wern't that many customers.
Redid an entire display that took me 3 hours.

Tomorro'ws my day off. (can you say boo-yah?)
Luke, 's your turn to tag...god, this would be so much easier if all three of us were on...haha

thats about it. My life isn't that interesting at the present.

So when you hear it thunder,
Don't run under a tree...
Cause there'll be pennies from heaven
For you, and me.


Posted on 2006.Jun.20 at 6.09.P
Current Music: Beyonce - Woman Like Me
So Wicked was awsome. I'm do glad I finally got to see it. I realize now that there was so much they cut out in order to make the Cast Recording, but hte plot was awsome even through I alreayd knew the ending i was satisfied. It was funny, exciting, sad, awsome. I can't really descirbe it, I do'nt do reviews well, but i'm glad I went.

After the showe we waited by the stage door and I got a picture with the girl who played Glinda (hott!!!) and the guy who played Fiyero. Haha then we we left. So that was my Wicked experience.


I'm so soick of working at English Gardens....'nuff said.


CL is starting....'nuff said. =)

wow this entry was boring.

Posted on 2006.Jun.17 at 8.15.P
Current Music: Jamie Foxx - Extravaganza
So my life isn't as routine as I thought. haha

After waking up sorta late-ish, I decided to clean my room, the brothers, the parents and the guest room (vacumn, dust, straighten, etc)...just cause i wanted to...not looking for recognition or anhting just felt like it. then i watched some tv until the mother and brother came home form shopping. Yesterday was his last day of school so he was happy. only 3 more years of high school for him haha.

Had lunch and such, then played KH II with te brother, Q-time..gotta love it, then realized it was Maren's grad party, so got dressed nad went through the backyard (tahts right i said the back yard) and sat around at her party for a lil, got to see some people including the Mollie I love and adore, then Adam picked me up with Brad and Kota K, then we went to Emagine to see Nacho Libre, but then decided that we wern't gonna waste $7 on that supod movie so we went to this new restuarant called The Lazy Lizard. IT was cool, a Tex-Mex restaurant, great food, really cheap. After dinner, Adam and I being hte immature kids that we are plaed a prank on Kota nad Bradl leaving them at the restuarant and driving off for a bout half an hour. twas fun.

Had Adam drop me off at the house then picked J Angel up at we went to see The Omen it was bad, I liked it. especially scary at 1 in the morning haha. It's good i guess. Dropped her off back home twas fun spending time with her before she leaves, then got home at around 3, and went to bed.

Work wasn't bad, was in the basement the whole day, so got alot of work done and such...so now i'm here about to get a haircut and eat dinner with the fam and relaz for the rest of the day. :)

Seeing Wicked tomorrow with Issac for FREE.....F-R-E-E baby! stil do'nt know what i'm gonna wear. Havnet been to professional theatre since Mama Mia 2 years ago in NYC haha. suggestions?

CL is starting up soon trust me on this.

K bye.


Posted on 2006.Jun.15 at 6.08.P
Current Music: Kanye West - Graduation Day
Sometiems i wish i hasn't given up on Piano...and sometimes I wonder if I picked up Guitar would it end up the same way?
I love music, but dedication is something hard for me haha...

I'm seeing Wicked on Sunday. YES!!
I wanna start CL. Luke talk to me haha i'm anxious can't wait any longer haha.


Posted on 2006.Jun.14 at 11.56.A
Current Music: Beyoncé - Swing Low Sweet Chariot
this summer....my life is routine.


here for you

Story of my life...

Posted on 2006.Jun.10 at 10.52.P
Current Music: Alexz Johnson - How Strong Do You Think I Am

I'd go where I've known
If the earth could find my feet
I would run away and go where I known
But you don't even care
No you don't even care
Whats fair...

Not standing alone
Not standing around
While they sit there and wait until I lose my ground
Not letting it go
Won't leave it behind
Won't let it pass me by no not this time
Not standing alone
Not standing around
Not letting it go
Won't leave it behind

I keep so far
I nearly lost my mind
I held on so tigh
And now I see that I was blind
But you don't even care
No you don't even care
Whas fair...

Not standing alone
Not standing around
While they sit there and wait until I lose my ground
Not letting it go
Won't keave it behind
Won't pass me by no not this time
Not standing alone
Not standing around
Not letting it go
Won't leave it behind

I have a party
I have a song
Don't need nobody ain't nothin wrong
I hear the talk
I hear the cry
Along the inside and looking out

Not standing alone
Not standing around
While they sit there and wait until I lose my ground
Not letting it go
Won't keave it behind
Won't pass me by no not this time
Not standing alone
Not standing around
Not letting it go
Won't leave it behind

Not standing around no no noo
Not standing around no no noo
Not standing around no no noo
Not standing around no no noo

Not standing around not standing around
Not standing around no no noo

-"Not Standing Around" - Alexz Johnson


Posted on 2006.Jun.03 at 8.46.P
Current Music: Dane Cook - Car Alarm

playing my life away.


xander quote

Realization is a funny thing...

Posted on 2006.Jun.01 at 12.08.P
Current Music: Ashlee Simpson - Eyes Wide Open
Yea so i just realized...

I really don't wanna work at English Garden's anymore. They treat their employees like shit, the pay sucks, and i come home tired, irratable to my family and friends in a daily routine of work, eat sleep...

So whats stopping me from giving my two weeks notice and getting the hell outta there?

There's no other good jobs around. You know the "fun summer job" description, well there's none left. And it sucks. I'm stuck at EG until August and there's nothing i can do about it.
Grrr to the world.

That beign said, must make my lunch for the day and get ready to endure 10 hours of unbeleiveable pain.



here for you

Prom take two...

Posted on 2006.May.31 at 5.23.P
Oh what a night......

pics will come later.

Luke. Hit me up when you get online. Need to talk CL stuff.

Posted on 2006.May.30 at 9.50.A
Current Music: Various Artists - King of Pride Rock/Circle of Life (Reprise) [Medley]
So yea i had a headahe last night from dealing with customers ion a very very very hot day.
so in result i tried to stay up and watch tv and the postojns game, but my mom told me to go to my room and lay down for a while cause my head was ppounding.
i then proceeded to fal asleep and wake up this morning.
oh well.

hehe i'm still excited for tonight **Prom Take Two*. it's gonna be awsome.
getti na haircut in a few.

still on an X-men 3 high.
god! haha.

congrats to Brandon tonight, good luck with graduation. IT's a long ceromony so try not the fall asleep. =)
i'll have pics up of tonight later.

ok i'm gone.


*p.s. have you noticed my entires are completely random now-a-days?

chosen_legacy chosen_legacy chosen_legacy chosen_legacy chosen_legacy chosen_legacy

Posted on 2006.May.28 at 10.33.P
Current Music: Renée Zellweger, John C. Reilly, & Colm Feore - Funny Honey
So everything's set for prom on tuesday
too bad i have to work tomorrow in the morning.
guess is hould go and get some sleep huh?
og well. Can't wait for prom, 's gonna be awsome

also new layout. :)
i'm excited.
ok i really don't have anything to say, just bored.
bye now.


here for you
Posted on 2006.May.27 at 12.02.P
Current Music: Fefe Dobson - Girls and Boys
Back to work I go...

but before that, I went back to _secondchances_, the first community Luke and I RP'ed in....my first xter, Andrew. Those were the good 'ol days haha I had so much fun with Luke, Red, Nire, all of them....'s where I first knew i loved to RP. ahhh i miss that place so much.

but enough from the blast form the past....

Saw X-Men 3 kast night

oh. my. god.

i don't have time to do a full feature review now, but i will when i get back.

haha you HAVE to see this movie

ok later
gotta go to Hell Gardens.


Posted on 2006.May.26 at 6.47.P
Current Music: Original Cast Recording - March Of The Witch Hunters
I am so fucking pissed at the concept of English Gardens in general...
but i'm not in a venting mood anymore...so instead.



we neep players!
'nuff said.

also I might be doing a High School Musical RPg. Not for sure yet. =)

but for now i'm going to see X3 w/ the little bro and then get some sleep cause this weekend's g onna be hell at EG.

I have the Nutcracker Sweete stuck in my head for some reason.


Posted on 2006.May.24 at 11.28.P
Current Music: Alexz Johnson - How Strong Do You Think I Am
so i didn't do ANYTHING on my list today except for banking and getting my cell phone battery haha
expenses suck.

but on the flipside...i have my cellphone back!!
AND chosen_legacy is back open for business AGAIN!! Luke and I are moderating this community to be the best RP ever! haha

but on the DOWNside...i have to go to close tomorrrow and open friday...so i guess i better get some sleep. :-/

much love.

here for you
Posted on 2006.May.24 at 7.42.P
Current Music: Alexz Johnson - My Sweet Time
I love goin through old RP posts.

= )

hsr prancing
Posted on 2006.May.24 at 11.10.A
Current Music: Alexz Johnson - My Sweet Time
Things to do today:

- Job Interview
- Get battery for my cell phone
- Splurging =)
- shopping for necessities
- banking
- enjoying my day off ;)


Work, Sleep, Eat.....repeat as directed.

Posted on 2006.May.24 at 12.13.A
Current Music: Justin Timberlake - Never Again
So i've been working like a mad dog this week

*SIDE NOTE: do mad dougs really work? I mean, they would be mad, like angry, so they would compain about it i guess....or maybe thir insane dogs, in that case they wouldnt be allowed to work anyway becase of hte insanity thing...hmmm i dunno...

and I'm literally exhuasted. I;m so glad tomorrow's my day off, i really need it. I have another job interview tomorrow with my brother in law at his store, then off to do some banking and some errands. Plan on buying High School Musical DVD tomorrow, i'll wait and buy Kingdome Hearts I & 2 till next week when my paycheck will be bigger. Gotta sayvve up at least $750 dollars if i wanna linve in Offenhauer and pay my dues in the fall, then i still gotta have money to pay for a car and a camer and an iPod. Can i do it?

I thnk so.
Donations would be nice though ;)

I chilled with Adam and Matt for the first time in a while liek the old days. It was nice. We atched the pistons (lose) and went and got mickey d's even though i only had 2 dolars in my pocket. Thank you dollar menues. looking out for the little people. =) WE just chilled and caught up and Adam nad I bitcheda bout work. fun times....

Ok well Im off to chill in my bed and watch some sort of TV show because i can because tomorro'ws my day off.

*copies Brandon and dissapears in a puff of smoke*


*head-desk* - marco/spinner
Posted on 2006.May.21 at 10.10.P
Current Music: Justin Timberlake - Never Again
So yea i missed the first half hour of the series finalie of Charmed cause i was in Church for literally 12 hours.


but 's okay because the pistons won = )

and HSM is comming out on DVD tuesday. = ) = )
and i do'nt have to be in to work till 1 tomorrow =) = ) = )


here for you
Posted on 2006.May.20 at 11.13.P
Current Music: Missy Elliot - One Minute Man f. Ludacris
Okay so new layout for the time being because we all know i like change.

It's not anything special, buti was just tired of Jake Epsiten. Who can tell me how to cahnge the title of my journal? Cause i can't find it...

I really do'nt ah ve anything to say,

Brandon if you wanna make me a header IM me sometime this week and i'll tell you what I want. Until then i'll keep looking for some good ones. =)


P.S. I was just thinking of this...

If it really did rain pennies from heaven...wouldn't it hurt? Alot?